About Lyon Medcare

Medical concierge in Lyon

Isabelle Lecointre, creator of LyonMedCare

I started my nursing career at the Hôtel-Dieu in Lyon, in the digestive intensive care unit, then I worked at the Pierre Wertheimer Hospital in Bron, in neurosurgery and intensive care.

I then went to train at the University of Lyon 1 to obtain a license in management of private health structures, acquired with honors.

I held my first position as a healthcare manager in the Saint-Joseph clinic, in Chambéry.

Then I returned to Lyon, to the Clinique de la Sauvegarde. I supervised surgery and emergency services, then I was appointed project manager, with a cross-functional mission. I worked in particular on the development of rapid recovery after surgery within this establishment.

Mastering the English language and having learned medical English at university, I regularly accompanied English-speaking patients during their stays at my workplace.

Curious to understand the world we live in, I travel often. And, I often see the difficulties encountered in seeking treatment in a foreign country, when an illness or trauma occurs.

However, these difficulties have also been encountered by French patients since the outbreak of Covid-19.

This is why I, along with my team, and with the help of our partners, want to put our knowledge, our skills and our network at the service of our patients to improve, streamline and secure their entire care journey, whether takes place only extra-hospital or intra- and extra-hospital.

Team members

We are all fellow caregivers. We worked together for a long time, in the care services of public hospitals in Lyon or in private clinics in Lyon.

Our team therefore has a real added value over there deep knowledge of the medical environment in Lyon and the functioning of hospitals and clinics. Two of us are healthcare executives and as a result, we master the organization of a hospital stay: from planning pre-hospitalization consultations to returning patients home or in a specialized center .

Bilingual for some, we take care of French-speaking or non-French-speaking patients during their stay. We facilitate relationships between patients and caregivers by ensuring the translations .

We have shared the same values for many years. These values are the foundation on which our company, LyonMedCare, rests.

Our values

The respect

Respect for every human being, especially when diminished by illness or disability, is the most important value we observe. Estimating his differences, listening to him to inform him, advise him, let him choose and reassure him has always motivated us in our healthcare practices.

Personalized support

The responsibility we assume for the actions we take for the patients entrusted to us. We act in accordance with French health law and our professional ethics. We keep up to date with the latest developments in these areas.

Two other important values

With respect, we will certainly achieve build a more harmonious world and society, in which the planet's environment will be preserved and each of us will be considered, regardless of their origins, religious, ideological and political beliefs.

We are also engaged in a CSR approach : Corporate Social Responsibility to put the economic development of our society at the service of social progress and with respect for the environment.