Medical concierge in Lyon

Our service offerings

Our medical concierge services are aimed at French patients and patients from foreign countries, from children to adults.

Organization of consultation with a healthcare professional and patient support

Presence or not according to the patient's wishes of the companion during the consultation

Organization of a series of examinations or consultations linked or not to hospitalization

The patient can be accompanied by a member of the LyonMedCare team during these examinations or consultations.

Organization of post-hospitalization stay

We are looking for independent healthcare professionals to provide care for post-hospitalization patients.

Our area of intervention

LyonMedCare cares for patients in the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region, in the 12 departments that make it up.

Why call LyonMedcare

Personalized and adapted care for each patient

Our approach is based on listening and empathy.

Finding professionals specializing in your pathology

We put our knowledge, our skills and our network of healthcare professionals at your service.

Saving time and money

We carry out administrative procedures, contacts and follow-ups with healthcare professionals and hospital establishments. We relieve you of a mental burden so that you can receive treatment with “peace of mind”.

They trust us.

The quality of the services we provide and the satisfaction of the patients treated are the reasons shared by the entire LyonMedCare team. We carefully keep all their testimonies in our Guestbook.

I asked the company LyonMedCare to organize my dad's return home, after his hospitalization: search for a nursing office for his care, a physiotherapist for his rehabilitation and recovery of his personal treatment, prepared by his usual pharmacist and delivered to his home.

Mrs MP from Grenoble, June 2021

Thank you so much for your help and support. Without them, I would have felt completely lost during my hospitalisation.

Mr B., Norwegian, urological surgery patient, March 2022

Many thanks. Your input to my case was fabulous...

Mrs. C., Canadian, orthopedic surgery patient


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