Rural areas must not become medical deserts!


At the initiative of the President of the Region, Mr. Laurent Wauquiez, an AURA 2022-2028 health plan has been put in place. Its goal is to enable the region to become the leading French region in terms of access to health.

This is why LyonMedCare 's service offerings are part of the regional health plan by helping patients access the healthcare system.

Currently, the AURA region has the largest number of health homes in France and invests more than €12 million per year in health.

The health plan implemented in March 2022 is allocated 100 million euros over several years. It is based on the following 5 axes:

  • bring doctors back to the territories
  • develop the local care offer
  • modernize local hospital centers
  • promote prevention and access to well-being for all residents
  • support training, innovation and industrial fabrics in the health sector.

The relocation of the production of medicines and medical devices occupies an important place in the plan.

The Region will contribute to the creation of a global center of excellence in immuno-infection in Lyon as well as help set up the World Health Organization Academy. The Region's know-how in health can continue to shine internationally.